sabato 13 dicembre 2014

URNA "Cauchemar" review on Culture Is Not Your Friend!

To hear from Yerevan tapes is to hear the long awaited sound of a new uneasiness that you have been waiting for. This time it’s Urna, the project by Gianluca Martucci, in the album ‘Cauchemar’ which is released on a gray cassette by the unsettling label. The world of Cauchemar is almost subliminal, as the horrifying hissings are whispering the litanies slowly and quietly in a 30 minutes long ceremony.

Through the menacing, four tracks long chant there is a supernova of smaller, piercing sounds and minute events that makes ‘Cauchemar’ so impressive and intense. “Careful what you wish for”, they say, or better yet – as one artist used to say several years ago – “Don’t fuck with magic”. I have a feeling I should seriously consider my thoughts and wishes while listening to this album because something wicked came through these speakers. I am pretty sure about it.

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